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  Repairing a Rusted Panel - page 2
    The next step is to do the final postioning and clamp well. Then tack weld the panel into place. This is followed by seam welding between the tack welds. Below is the first weld to start it off. Notice all the primer along the edges were the panel to be welded in have been cleaned up with a grinder to remove all paint and provide clean metal surfaces for welding. The new metal is also cleaned to remove any protective oil coating. I use a small MIG wleder with a Argon/C02 mix. I'm not a professional, so the welding tends to be a little rough, however after a bit of grinding, it usually looks not too bad. :)  
  •   The underside of the panel where it is sandwiched against any other panels, is treated with a zinc based weldable primer. I hope this helps in keeping the rust out later, where it doesn't burn away anyway. 
    Here is the panel welded in place with the weld beads ground flat with the surrounding metal. The edge of the panel sticking up in the air will be cut to size when the outer sill is matched up. This will give an accurate fit, as the original metal was all rusted away, giving me nothing to compare to.
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