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This is a collection of useful technical stuff on Minis. Featured is my rebuild of the body shell and the fitting of a VTEC SOHC engine. The car is now finished and being driven!  Enjoy! Any comments or questions drop me an e-mail at the link below...Mike






This is the finished car. Here are some pictures of runs and shows I have attended, along with some more pictures of the car with all the interior installed.


Check out the article on spinning your mini around on a rotisserie for doing bodywork.  Includes diagrams so you can fabricate your own.


This is my restoration project.. The end result will is a 1600cc SOHC VTEC powered Mini.  I drove this car from Victoria to Rockford Illinois for East Meet West Mini Meet.


This is the work on fitting the VTEC engine into the car.  Subframe measurements up on page 8, so you can do your own conversion!


More Technical stuff:
A few pictures and ideas on repairing a rusted panel. 


MiniSuki's Project.. stuffing a Suzuki 4 Cylinder Turbo into a Clubman. Check this out!!

 My 1980 Australian Moke Rebuild.


Jerry is working on stuffing a 1.6 L Acura into his Mini Van using a modified Honda subframe...check out his progress...

Jerry's Acura Project


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