Mike's Mini Project -VTEC  Install 1
    My Project car has now had the body done from the rear forward to the firewall, so its time to fit the VTEC into the car, before I put the new panels on the front end. This way I can cut away as I go and not worry about destroying the panels as I will be installing new ones anyway. The first step was to build a jig so the mounting points can be kept at the same points.  
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1. Starting off to build a jig using the old frame for reference. the front mounting points ar bolted to some 3/4" tubing. 2. A complete square frame is welded together...
3. Alignment bars welded on for the rear mounting holes.. 4. and some legs to keep the right height from the floor. 
5. The completed jig from the front.... 6. ...and from the rear
7. The jig unbolted from the subframe. 8. I have now cut away the front apron to allow me to trial fit the engine. The engine can stay on the floor and I can move the body shellup, down, front and rear for fitting.
9. Looks a little too large for the inner fenders.. 10. The RH inner fender will have to be cut out to allow the Honda Tranny to fit underneath.
11. The LH inner fender will also have to be trimmed to allow the pullies and the engine mount clearance. 12. We will also have to watch the rear clearance for the intake manifiold.
13. Here I decided to add tabs to locate the struts to the front of the frame... 14. And a view from the other side of the jig...

Now that I have a preliminary fit and the frame jig is complete I can start cutting the old frame up to use as the starting point.
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