Mike's Mini Project
    My Project car started life as a 1978 Mini Canadian, found rotting away in a garage in Vancouver. Someone had started a 'restoration' using fibreglass, bondo and sheet metal screws! The car was running, but had no brakes so it was towed home behind the van, across the water on the ferry. Then the reality of what was ahead could be seen....  
1. Bringing the Mini home on the BC Ferries.... 2. Safe at home in the garage 
3. Checking out the engine compartment 4. Close-up of the stock 998 engine.
5. Looking underneath at the driver's side rocker panel, that's the left hand side on this car! 6. Here is the passenger side rocker viewed from the rear.
7. Rear valance area on the drivers side 8. And the same view for the passenger side.
9. Inside on the driver's side the floor looks not too bad, but it is really several layers of sheet metal screwed in and covered in fibreglass. 10. The passenger side is much better but still has a hole right through the floor.
11. The view in the trunk. There are a few extra parts and a lot of rust. 12. If you look closely under the front of the gas tank, that is the floor of the garage you are seeing.
13. A view from the rear of the entire car. 14. And a view from the other side.

Now that I have discovered where most of the body holes and rust are, it's time to strip everything off of the car and take it out for paint removal. The next page shows a few shots of this process....
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