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  Mike's Mini Project -VTEC  Install 2
    With the jig finished, the body has to be modified to remove the inner fenders and the engine refit. I am planning on using the original subframe from the towers back, and customizing the front of the subframe to support the engine and tranny. This is a work in progress so I may end up changing what I do but here goes...  
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1. RH Inner panel marked for cutting... 2. ...and the LH side marked out as well 
3. This show the mounting bracket for the RH side on top of the tranny. 4. Close-up of the LH mounting bracket which sits halfway up the engine on the side.
5. Looking at a rear view of the engine. You can see the rear mount which has to be removed and rebuilt due to firewall and frame clearances. 6. Here is the front of the engine. At this point I still have the heat shield on the exhaust manifold..
7. Another shot of the engine mount on the tranny side. 8. Here the rear mount has been removed.
9. First cut at the inner panels. I am trying to save as much as I can at this time.. 10. The other inner panel cut away as well.
11. The engine type can be seen on the sticker shown here  12. The first trial fit under the hood . It looks not too bad, but at this time there is no subframe under the car.
13. The first step on the frame, cutting off the metal in front of the towers. 14. With the frame mounted in the car, now there is a lot tighter clearances...see next page for more---->
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