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  Mike's Mini Project -VTEC  Install 5
    The intake manifold needs to be modified, as I do not want to cut into the cross member on the firewall or relocate the master cylinders. There is also very little clearance for the cast iron headers, so I will be looking for some custom headers or modifying the cast iron ones to relocate the oxygen sensor.  
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1. Here is the manifold ready to be shipped off fro modifications. 2. The engine is now inside, with the front of the car back on and the grill installed. I'm still using the old parts on the front until I'm sure all will fit.
3. Here you can see the engine nestled into the engine bay, without the intake manifold.. 4. The left hand side of the car, through the wheel well. 
5. This gives a view of the right hand side of the car and you can see the drive shaft alignment is not too bad. 6. This is the space left to fit the manifold into. As the cross member is angled, there is around 7.5 inches on the one side increasing by almost another inch on the other.
7. Here you can see the exhaust manifold and it's fit. By removing the stand-offs for the heat shield and relocating the oxygen sensor it should be not too bad a fit. 8. A view through the left hand side headlight hole. The engine mount and the top of the sub frame are visible. The new sub frame bar will be welded in to accommodate this engine mount.
9. The other side showing the lower engine mount (top of the tranny) and the sub frame tower. 10. My sub frames have arrive from Mini Spares. I will be removing all the parts of the front one to put on the modified frame I am building.
11. You can see the front disc set-up in this shot. 12. A picture of the engine installed looking from the back forward.
13. The manifold has now been shot blasted and then cut into three pieces. The tubing on the right will be used for fabricating the new manifold. 14. The first attempt with the tube did not work out, so the body was fabricated from sheet metal. The throttle body mount is re-used along with the runners.
15. The manifold apart so you can see the makeup. it's only held together with hot glue until a trial fit can be made on the car. 16. Another view of the manifold... see next page

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