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  Mike's Mini Project -VTEC  Install 3
    Now with the rear of the subframe mounted in the car, along with the steering rack, the problem areas begin to show.   
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1. The drivers side (LH) view under the fender shows how close the oil pan is to the bottom of the subframe. 2. ...and the passenger side (RH) view shows I need to move the whole engine and tranny back to get better alignment for the drive shafts.
3. Another front view. 4. Here you can see the clearance problem with the intake manifold. It needs to be higher to clear the bulkhead, but then this raises the drive shafts up too high.
5. Here I've modified the top edge of the subframe to straighten it out which gives me more room to move the tranny back. Not sure if you can do this on a RH drive as this is where the steering box would sit.  6. With the engine back further and slightly tilted the clearance is better, but still not workable.
7. Here I have also straightened out the lower part of the subframe and opened up the hole to allow more room for the tranny. 8. This steel bar held against the frame shows what the original frame looks like. This indent is built into the frame to provide clearance for the steering box on the rack.
9. It used to be the same on this side, but you can see it is now fairly straight to the bar. 10. This shows the rear of the frame and the tranny poking through the back, This allowed the engine to sit back about another inch.
11. This shot shows the tranny snugged up against the new straightened subframe. 12. The alignment for the drive shafts looks better now, but still not perfect. I may have to settle with a small angle. Next I'll start on the drive shaft clearance...
13. One of our Mini owners in the area with his 2.0 L Vauxhall set-up.  14. Here's a completed VTEC installation, in a round nose without any modifications to the front, using the back half of a Mini it can be done!
15. Here is another one..borrowed this shot from Phykells site. 16. This is from a car in California, SOHC VTEC, custom tube frame, fibreglass tilt front end. 

The next area to tackle is the driveshaft clearances...see next page
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