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  Mike's Mini Project - page 2
    Now that I have had a change to take a closer look at the car, the list of new panels started to add up. Before I ordered anything, I took the car apart, threw it in the back of a buddies pickup truck and dropped it off at the local Quik Strip. There it was stripped down using plastic beads, followed by localized application of garnet to blast away any rusted areas. As predicted by the owner of the Quik Strip, there's always more than you realize. It was a good thing to have done however, as it uncovered areas that looked fine, but were patched up with filler.  
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1. The first thing to do was to strip everything off the body shell and find a place to put it all. 2. Now here is my hard working son holding up the car.
3. Time to take a closer look at the shell. 4. A front view of the shell.
5. With all the floor patches removed, it looks like time for a new floor. The crossbar is also very badly rusted away. 6. Look who's sitting down on the job!
7. Before moving the car around and loading onto the truck, some cross braces were welded into place to prevent the car from moving out of alignment. 8. And the view from the rear. The bars are 1 1/4 inch square tubing, welded from the upper windshield post, to the door frame just above the rear pocket on the opposite side. An additional piece was added across the door frame as well.
9. Here we are loaded up and ready to deliver the car to Quik Strip. 10. A side view with the hard working assistant.
11. A visit to the Quik Strip shop and a few photos taken there. As seen lots of holes uncovered. 12. A lot of perforation here on the fender, so it looks like a new one will be in order.
13. This will be difficult to repair, but it's only on one of the four corners. 14. And a view from the rear. Battery box is OK, a few holes around the sub frame mounts.
15. You can see the rust holes all along the door steps and just in front of the rear wheels. New door steps required on both sides. 16. And as usual, the seam on the fender is also rusted away.

The car was primed just after these shots were taken, using  PPG DP40 sealer primer. This is a two part epoxy primer, which should keep the car from rusting while I work on the body work. The next page starts the details on the bodywork and replacing new panels. 
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