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  Mike's Mini Project -VTEC  Install 4
    The drive shafts from the Honda have a much larger end which feeds into the tranny. To make these work with the sub frame some modifications needed to be done. I pulled the frame out of the car and aligned it up against the engine and tranny  to make it easier to take measurements and trial fitting.  
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1. This shows both the drive shafts fitting through the frame. The passenger side (RH) drive shaft hole was enlarged. The LH side part of the sub frame was removed. 2. ...and the passenger side (RH) view shows the Honda shaft now fitting through the hole. The hole was enlarged at both the front and the rear of the opening.
3. Another view of the RH side. the lower portion of the sub frame was removed to allow clearance for the drive shaft. Then the problem of mounting the lower arm had to be solved. 4. Here you can see the solution. I welded an angle iron piece from under the sub frame up to provide a mounting point for a bolt that the arm will pivot on, instead of using the odd shaped original bolt.
5. This gives a better view. The added piece is welded to the bottom, rear and side of the sub frame and then rounded off. Bolt hole is not drilled yet. 6. This shows what was cut away on the RH side, and another view of the added section for the lower suspension arm.
7. This is how the added piece was set-up. A spacer was mode to match the distance required, centred using the original bolt hole and then clamped for welding. 8. Before putting it back in the car for another check, I also added another brace across the top, making more of a box assembly, as this will add more strength. The sub frame was mounted in a drill press and the hole for the suspension bolt was drilled. 
9. The spacing on the intake manifold is tackled next. You can see that the manifold is very deep and will interfere with the brake master cylinder and the crossbar on the firewall. 10. This shot shows how far back the manifold sits from the engine. There is a support bar that goes from the back of the intake manifold back down to the block to hold it up!
11. Another view of the intake manifold.. 12. A top shot just before removing the intake manifold. Again you can see how deep the manifold is. It is approx. 9.5 inches from the block to the rear of the manifold. The space available is about 7.5 inches. 
13. After removal. My plan is to have the manifold modified in a similar manner to the purple car on the previous page. 14. More shots..
15. The throttle body assembly... 16. The long runners on the manifold.....

Once the engine is fitted I will run another support arm from the bottom of the frame around the drive shaft and back up to the engine support bar, completing a box around the drive shaft area. This should add back any strength remove when the lower section of the sub frame was remove...More later..Manifold was sent out to modifed..still waiting....
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